Mental Health Check In

September 10th was World Prevention Suicide Day, and we are soon approaching World Mental Health Day on October 10th. However, I can not help but think about the anxiety/depression that creeps in on an individual when suicide becomes the only option they feel they have left.

I have struggled with both anxiety and depression on different levels since I was young. It’s almost as if they feed on each other. I have also had a series of suicidal thoughts at some point in my life.

Anxiety is crippling, and depression makes you feel like you are sinking. It’s not even enough to describe them like this. Each person who has experienced anxiety and depression can probably give you different adjectives that portray their experience.

There is an array of things that can cause crippling and sinking. It could be trauma, loss, abuse, rejection, rape, and so much more. This is definitely a sensitive topic for many. Many people tend to shut people out when they experience Anxiety and Depression. They feel hopeless. It’s as if you are in this bubble that you cannot get out of.

Some days are better than others. Society tends to stigmatize mental health and attribute it to other factors while disregarding core reasons why someone may struggle with their mental health. It is disheartening because that leaves room for people to work on their own and cause them not to speak.

I would like to challenge you and the people you have around you. Make a habit of taking the time to review your state of mind after each day. Journal your thoughts, speak to an older person, or even a friend, try to integrate yourself into a community that holds you accountable. But don’t do life alone. Human beings were made for relationships. You are not alone, and you are loved dearly.

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2 responses to “Mental Health Check In”

  1. Wow! What a beautiful piece and enlightening too.

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  2. This is uplifting. I wish you many happy days 🥰

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