You’ve heard it. If you couldn’t find the reference or where to credit it, a black woman probably said it. Argue with your mammy.


I believe my experiences has allowed me to keep my eye from twitching. Just for this episode.

If I had a coin for every time somebody asked me where I’m from, I’d pay off my college expenses and get this white man paperwork 🙄


It looks like it’s a double-double, am I right?

Since we are trying to keep to a set schedule for the season, this seems like a step in the progressive direction. Let your ancestors guide your salt hand.


The first episode of the first season of the podcast, how exciting!

“Are You Not Tiyaad?” is an honest introduction of how we truly feel ; completely over it. We are still working around the Knick knacks of podcasting but here’s to more chaotic uploads.

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