Creative Mind Block?

Having a mental block is probably the least favorite thing for a creative or just any other person who wishes to get something right and expertly done. When it comes down to it, it feels like trying to push a truck full of material with your minimal strength, and still to no avail.

This has been me for the past two weeks!

I felt stagnant, stuck, and stopped! The same thing.

I have had a constant conflict between the urge to create and produce content and my current limitation of not knowing where to start or even what to do. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you. Too many have been in this boat, but the hope is that it does not sink.

Building the energy even to write this post took a lot. I struggled to get my thoughts in order or yet write this post way before time, but here I am, giving what I can. More so, I hope I can encourage you to pick up that pen, art brush, notebook, blank blog page, and let yourself feel. Whether it’s the confusion, pain, uncertainty, I hope you allow yourself to express those things in the most vulnerable way. That’s how authentic art comes about if you ask me.

But if we’re more honest, there are many times where we’re entirely blank. Yup, it’s not pretty at all, and I was partly here. I’ll recommend a few tips to help you get back up.

  1. If you have been overworking yourself, I suggest you take a breather to get your creative juices flowing. E.g., taking a nap, a walk, listen to your favorite album, call a friend, watch a good movie.
  2. Write down the stuff on your mind on a blank piece of paper. You’ll be surprised that by doing so, one of those many things could inspire you to create something awesome.
  3. Don’t give up on yourself. Only you can create what you can create. The reason it will be authentic is that there is no one like you in the world, and that makes it even better.

All the best. I believe in you.

Yours truly,



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