Naomi Parris: How This 20-Year-Old Is Triumphing Individualism In the Fashion World

Fashion has always been a part of Parris’s life. Her family members were a catalyst to her fashion interest, having dipped their toes into the fashion world. Their insight and wisdom are what motivated her to start her journey. Growing up, her grandmother worked in the garment industry. She often gave Parris samples of clothing and kept her in the loop on the best fashion etiquette. Her brother also worked in a high-end fashion store in New York, Barneys New York, and would often buy her pieces from there. As she grew older, she developed her style, eventually cultivating it into the elegant pieces she posts on her blog today.

Naomi Parris is a 20-year-old Brooklyn native that is paving the way for young, expressive fashion artists. Her style offers a unique mixture of trendy and old-fashioned looks that make for vibrant, riveting pieces. She features these pieces on her blog, EliNay—a place where she encourages subscribers to be themselves and inspires them to live their truth.

Parris is all-too-familiar with the fast fashion trends we see in today’s media. She, however, wants her to content to be set apart from mainstream media. She finds more value in designer clothing, describing that the artistry is what makes the clothes worth wearing.

Parris made her blogging debut in 2017. Before then, she kept her bold looks and advice solely on her Instagram platform; however, she was prompted by her friends to take her fashion expertise a bit further, and thus “EliNay” was born.

For the future of her blog, Parris expresses that although she would like to continue growing the blog, her ultimate dream lies beyond the computer screen. Her biggest goal for the future is to work for fashion corporations like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. She hopes to use her expertise on platforms with more extensive reach than the “Elinay” blog, while still creating authentic, ornate pieces of work.

You can follow Naomi Parris on her social medias here IG: @nayelizabethh Twitter:@nayylovelyy Blog:


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  1. Individuality is super important when building a name for yourself in fashion nowadays. Glad that Parris is finding her niche!

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