Road Tripping into September!

There is something delightful about road trips. I’m not too sure if it’s the new environment, fresh breeze that goes through your hair when driving, or maybe it could just be the fact that you’re taking a hiatus from a busy life. Whatever reason it may be, you should probably go on a road trip like yesterday.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel to a different location. Let me just say, I was excited! 2020 has been one long year, and this break was needed. By 10:30 am, we were on the road 100 km from the capital city of Nairobi. I made sure to carry water because the heat was no joke and some fruits, too, just to keep my sugar levels on lock.


Now when going on a road trip, there are some essentials to make sure you have a worthwhile experience. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing. At some point, we were going for a hike, so I had to have some casual sporty gear. Carry your sunnies, a nice fitting cap, sunblock, and once again, don’t forget to hydrate. Your phone camera or an actual camera will come in handy when you want to capture the beautiful scenery on the way or at your destination.

I got to experience different things at my destination. Like, walk through a bridge that reminded me of one of the scenes in ‘Jumanji the next level.’ You will probably have to watch the movie to understand. I also got to play with baby goats- yes, you read right- baby goats, at least when they were not trying to run away from me!


The trip back was tiring due to crazy traffic, but when I look back to that day, I can’t help but smile. I am also quite happy because September is my birthday month, and in about two days, I turn a year older. Where my September babies at? (They are honestly so many people born in this month). I’m super grateful for life and everything it entails.

Confidently getting into my birthday month

Do something nice for yourself that will bring you joy. Happy New Month.

Yours truly,



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