Biz Tea: Natural Oats Skincare

That Green Tea is collaborating with Natural Oats to do a skincare basket anniversary giveaway. Read to the end on how to enter.

Most businesses don’t see a profit until the third year, but Keta’s business journey was very different. Natural oats flourished as a business in their first year. They specifically gained a lot of traction within the first six months, when they were recognized by Ocala magazine—one of the most prominent local magazines in Florida. Her secret is staying consistent.

Keta was able to use the skills that she had cultivated in journalism in helping run her business. She enjoyed being part of a start-up business but wanted to do more than be an employee. She wanted to start her own thing. Pursuing a store with skincare was something that came very naturally to her. She is used to using natural remedies and finding homeopathic remedies as opposed to buying store-bought products.

She had to wear a lot of hats at the beginning of her natural oats journey. In the beginning, she did her marketing for the products, her research on the products, and made all of the business designs for natural oats. She even did all of the manufacturing and design work.

One of her biggest challenges cultivating the business was letting go of the reins. In the beginning, she took a very heuristic approach to develop her brand. She realized, however, that it would be more cost and time effective to outsource her tasks. One particular thing she let go of the reins was the promotional material for her business.

With her business, Keta strives to bridge the gap between commercial products and natural products, hoping to cultivate a brand that produces products to satisfy all skin types. Keta wants to provide all-natural quality skincare for others while making it as affordable as possible.

Keta has a plethora of products for her customers to choose from. She prices all of the individual products between $3- $20 USD, emphasizing that it is important to her to make products for sensitive skin that are trustworthy and accessible.

Most of Natural Oats’s best products are their handmade soaps, made with natural Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil and rose hip oil. Their organic facial toner comes in to rose water and lavender for sensitive and acne-prone skin types, and in a efficient spray bottle is provides a convenient application.

Words of wisdom she would leave to new business owners are to stay consistent, and not bite off more than you can chew. Time is of the essence, and sometimes it’s essential to keep your fresh and the go of the reins.

Keta’s future for the brand is to have it grow as an entity on its own. She’s working to separate her face from the brand, and ultimately wants the products to speak for themselves.

To enter the giveaway, follow That Green Tea on Twitter @That_Green_Tea before September 4, 2020 for worldwide entries.

Purchases made to US addresses in August will qualify automatically from Natural Oats website or follow Natural Oats on their IG: @naturaloats for their guidelines.



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