5 Ways to Accomplish A Productive Summer


Two things happen after Labor Day: Sales and Regrets. I say regrets because in a sane world with favorable variables, 100 days of summer just decided to get up and leave and you probably wasted it. But like I said, in a sane world. However, lucky for us, things and milestones don’t always get with the program.

PSA to the young people on a deadline and trying to exist. No one has high expectations that are unattainable, just high expectations that exist on a plane of their own. You can still accomplish a lot, but like any RPG on the market, you have to upgrade your character with the right skills AND magic to reach your goal.

Here are five ways you can accomplish a productive summer ( for future reference especially since we probably messed up in the last one)

Get an Internship

Depending on the lifestyle you’re willing to provide for your dog, you’re going to need experience and be ahead of the game. I had conversations with people who were nervous about life after graduation ( let me remind all and sundry that my ass is still in college, but my mind is on a yacht. Pay attention) and the same dilemma kept popping up: ” I’m not getting hired by these companies.” See now the trick to this is tenacity and showing up to career fairs. YES, THOSE ANNOYING EMAILS DURING COLLEGE HAVE A PURPOSE.

Google is your friend, so is your advisor, professor and the quiet person right next to you who might be what you need to move forward. Opportunities are aplenty you have to put it in your mind that you need this. Plus, getting paid is a huge incentive, at least for me. Avoid unpaid internship; this is a capitalist country, if you have something to sell (yourself, not in the negative sense), you should get paid for it but also gain the necessary experience.


Take Photography and Run with it

The best thing to happen to the internet is Instagram. An even better present filters. But the icing on the cake should be the vivid pictures we get from the notorious wanderlust adventurers. It doesn’t take much. Point, shoot and edit. You may consider upping your game and invest in watching those free YouTube videos that offer tutorials on the magic of the likes of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator to mention a few. I realized that factoring that a good camera can do wonders * cough* Canon *cough*, if you don’t have the finesse to make those travel feeds (or not), the lack of personal satisfaction is heart-wrenching.



Better Learn How To Code ( For all our sakes)

Everything is in code these days. From mobile apps to your friendly WordPress website that hosts this blog. The job market is changing and the likelihood that in ten years you’d be wanting a 9-5 being the height of your human existence will become obsolete. You can grow into your boss. Literally. The way we consume products is changing every second and to be on top of your game is a necessity for surviving the next wave. It’s never too late to learn; there are enough free websites that do justice in simplifying the struggle so that you don’t end up dying of anxiety. Because honestly, you won’t learn jack shit in a regular college class. (Trust me)


Take Summer classes

This may not apply to the general population however if the general population feels that the ridiculous money 4 year colleges ask for summer classes that aren’t being covered by some scholarship will make you reconsider college altogether, then your best bet is getting to the most convenient community college and getting those credits at a better price. The only downside to this investment is how it will affect your GPA. If for some reason you are like me ( long-standing senior just wanting to graduate) and you really don’t give a hoot as long as you are above the generous 2.5/4.0 cutoff mark, go for it and have them bitches transferred over.

(Disclaimer: I’m suggesting taking classes that have a higher chance of moving as long as your GPA is good and you don’t mind how it reflects afterward. Also, talk to your advisors or your college’s student services BEFORE making that decision, the last thing you need is them trying to scam you when I’m giving the cheat sheet to this).


Regret Nothing

So your summer didn’t really go as planned. Summer body? Zero. Summer Love? Who?? Broke AF? Definitely. Worth it? I Regret Nothing. Sometimes a plan does not always come togetherLife happens, and that’s ok. Sometimes having no idea and exciting things happening along the way is also a good thing. The lesson here is that you were productive in your own way, and that’s what’s important. You can always try and aim for next Summer, or even closer, * Drumroll* 5 Ways To Survive Thanksgiving😈



Fatyma Amadou is a college student, blogger and owns this blog.

She has recently added three amazing people to work with her as interns. Expect more content from different personalities in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer (again): I am in no way affiliated with any college or job counseling service. This is my own experience. If you like it, don’t forget to repost, reblog, share, pin forward….You get the gist.


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