5 Music Festivals You Need to Attend

Music Festivals to Attend


What season is it?


What do we want?

Music Festivals!!!


Yes my children, gather around and feast your curiosity to the wonders of how you’re about to get broke after working and saving coint 9 months out of the grueling past year. The one definitive that accurately describes what summer is all about, from fast fashion brands like Boohoo, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Fashion Nova that push out ads, to new DIY inspirations from Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It’s Music Festival season.

Here are 5 Music Festivals I have curated and recommend you check out when you can afford to… I know I’d like to strike this off my bucket list.



Tomorrowland 2017 Wallpapers

Source: www.tomorrowland2017.org

Location: Boom, Belgium

Genre: EDM

When: 20-21-22 July & 27-28-29 July 2018

I find that this has to be the most creative when it comes to organizing and coming up with themes ( this year is The Story of Planaxis). Ever since its inception in 2005, it has successfully gathered young frolicking pixie humans from all over the world to partake in the glory that is Tomorrowland. Now, given that I recently discovered my affinity to EDM, and being able to see the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and other European DJs, this is one festival that would be worth the coins when traveling in a group of no more than four.

There are different packages available to meet your budget. Be sure to check out their website and sign up for newsletters and ticket sales. Also, check out the different playlists available on Spotify.


Afropunk Festival



Source: thesightsandsounds.com

Location:  Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn NY

Genre: Punk & Alternative Music.

When: 25-26 August 2018

*sips tea*

Let me start by saying that if you can have soul interpreted through the sacred art of the Ori by artiste extraordinaire Laolu, then you are definitely in the right place. Contrary to some unknown stereotypical assumption that people of African descent cannot appreciate what was visible to only the white populace, punk has been fully embraced with various degrees and layers. So much Black People Magic can be a bit overwhelming, just like a pot of soup ready to change your life. Lineups like Janelle Monaé, Erykah ‘ Bag Lady’ Badu, Miguel, and Tyler the Creator will definitely put you in the mood. Get to your nearest Hobby Lobby or favorite Amazon vendor and get those flower posies ready because of issa vibe y’all.

Be immersed with not only the soulful sounds of music but experience the current and underground trends of art expression and fashion ( in case you’re wondering where some of these clothing lines be getting ideas from). If Japan can have its Harajuku days in Shibuya, we are allowed to have Afropunk.


Firefly Music Festival 



Source: www.dolaphoto.com

Location:  The Woodlands, Dover DE

Genre: RnB,Rap,Hip-Hop,Rock,Folk, Indie…. Basically everyone

When: 14-17 June 2018

So you didn’t have Coachella money? And you probably couldn’t afford time off from work or school? Fret no longer. One of the well kept ( or maybe not, I didn’t know until I got to DE) secrets of the nice cushy green FIRST state of the USA is no sales tax. Repeat after me, No.Sales.Tax. So if you have shopping that needs to be done, why not indulge yourself ( I digress).

Firefly I would assume is one of those festivals you go to and expect to achieve the whole camping experience. Woodlands and all. I can’t begin to describe the humidity of the place, but at the same time, there’s just something magical about being in the open and getting some fresh air ( better than  *cough* the desert). The Lineup poster gives you an idea of why I said: “basically everyone.”


Voodoo Music + Arts Experience



Source: http://www.spin.com (Photo credit: Joshua Brasted)

Location:  City Park, New Orleans LA

Genre: Music Festival

When: 26-28 October 2018

Voodoo… From the word, Vodun oozes out spirituality from ancient West Africa that crossed the Atlantic to settle in most of South America and concentrated in Louisiana. Everyone is drawn to NOLA for one reason or the other, so why not name a festival that represents a collection of different energies?

Given that the Essence Music Festival is in July extend your adventure into the fall around Halloween weekend (not surprised by this coincidence). Explore NOLA for all its magic and history not just on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter but beyond. You might actually ” Have friends on the other side” (Blame Disney💀).



Source: http://www.voodoofestival.com  (Lindsey Moringy, C3Presents Marketing)





Source: urbanmatter.com 

Location:  Grant Park, Chicago IL

Genre: Alternative rock, punk rock,hip-hop; electronic… Everyone basically (again)

When: 2-5 August 2018

The windy city has given us bad winters, deep dish Chicago pizzas and now we can all agree we have been given Lollapalooza. Conceived in the early 90’s, grunge and punk culture have permeated the scene ever since. If you’re in the midwest and not up to going very far to explore the delights of a music festival, rest assured that your favorite artists are bound to perform on one of the many days it runs for.

Fatyma Amadou is a college student, blogger and owns this blog.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the organizers of the above-mentioned festivals ( but here’s to hoping that they will in future, I mean, come on 😩)


2 responses to “5 Music Festivals You Need to Attend”

  1. She_elephant(yeboh Ghazi) Avatar
    She_elephant(yeboh Ghazi)

    Great blog…any Music festivals on the African continent?


  2. I’m still riding the Coachella high; I want to go to Lolla so badly this year too! Firefly sounds really dope too – so many festivals, so little money to go to them all.



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